Our Team

Cristina BĂLĂCEANU Communication mentor
Passionate about social impact and youth development, Cristina managed PRISMA European Network for almost 2 years as General Secretary. Now she is continuing her journey towards #digital #change as part of the Microsoft team, in the role of Business Program Manager.
Gabriel BREZOIU Project Manager #EDYS18, Content Mentor
Gabriel is a Romanian trainer and project manager specialised in the non profit field at national and European levels. He has over 9 years of experience in youth projects focusing on social media, project management and communication. He is a Founding member of GEYC and the initiator of GEYC Resources Center and PRISMA European Network. He has been trained in over 10 European countries on various topics. Back in 2010, he founded GEYC Community - an innovative platform dedicated for young people in Romania, one of the first European initiatives of digital youth work. In 2018, Gabriel was included in Forbes 30 under 30, most successful young people in Romania.
Daniela COSOVAN Logistics Responsible #EDYS18
Daniela Cosovan is a youth worker involved as a deputy manager in a student NGO. She is also currently part of a european fellowship programme on project management. In addition, she is in her final year of Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Banking. Her passions include personal development, non-formal education, entrepreneurship and organizational culture which are the topics she concentrated on in european mobilities.
Alexandra CORBU Marketing & Communications Responsible GEYC
Passionate about education and social impact. Mentoring & Training Youth Workers, Social Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and NGOs around Europe & the World for achieving a greater social impact. Marketing and Communications specialist, youth worker with 4 years of experience under the Erasmus+ framework.
Adelina DRAGOMIR Logistics Mentor
Adelina is our inside genie that helps set up connections between our team and the accademic and business environment in Brasov. Meet her for a chat or coffee on the 14th of December at EDYS, to find out more about everything she does. Inside the GEYC Team, Adelina is in charge of #YoungDigitalLeaders, #EFYL and #PlayEurope projects.
Alina DUMITRU Communication Responsible #EDYS18
With an academic background in art history and cultural studies and a broad interest in social sciences, she has a deep understanding of the social and historical implications that shapes the contemporary visual culture that surrounds us. Having spent one semester studying abroad she had the opportunity to dive more into sociology and anthropology developing an interest in the visual and visualization as a space of intertwining political, economical and sociological factors. Currently a member of GEYC Community, a European Fellow on Project Management and a European Fellow on Youth Leadership, promoting human rights and hoping for a more sustainable world.
Silvia IACOB Registration Responsible #EDYS18
Trying to improve her abilities day by day and being constantly connected with the volunteers world, Silvia Ioana Iacob proves determination and perseverence. Silvia is currently a foreign languages student at the University of Bucharest, an active member of the development of organizations management committe within ANOSR (National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania), an efficient teaching assistant and devoted volunteer of ASLS România. She's also taking part in the european fellowship on project management. Interested in art and music, she aims to get her volume of poetry published in the near future. For Silvia, being a volunteer is obviously a way of life and the best way to follow, in order to be the change everyone wants to see in this world.
Georgiana MARCU Content Responsible #EDYS18
Georgiana has a formal education background in Analysing and Resolution Conflicts. As for nonformal education, she is a youth worker, she is involved in two fellowship programs with GEYC on project management and leadership. Being an active citizen, Georgiana promotes European values inside the local communities and also she is a supporter of social responsibility projects. Through every project and activity, she works for her personal and professional development.
Alexandra PECA Registration Mentor
Alexandra Peca is a youth worker with formal education background in International Relations and European Studies. She is passionate about project management and digital marketing and she likes taking part in mobility projects because they offer her a chance to get to know new cultures. Currently, Alexandra is coordinating a KA2 project that focuses on empowering youth workers to fully exploit all the potentials of digital education and ICT tools to deliver basic skills education.
Vitalii RZHAVSKYI Webmaster
Vitalii is living in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He has graduated Master in Computer Science and Computer Applications. He is specialist with 10+ years of experience in web technologies, entrepreneur and founder of UP Studio. He is involved in the field of non-formal education since 2015 and has participated more then 10 Erasmus+ projects. He's also IT & Communications Adviser at Prisma European Network since 2016.


Tudor CREȚU Communicator
Even though he lived in Brasov for the past nine years, he has discovered all of its beauty in the past three years. He likes to think about himself that he's a flâneur. Enjoys spending timeless experiences on the streets of every new city. He usually spends the weekends on half-marathons, reading and to hygge. He's in the pursuit of stories and the meaning. He thinks that we need to be better and take care of the others. He spoke with thousands of customers up until now and the really important thing here is empathy. Educated in Neamt county and adopted by Brasov, he travelled all the country and found beautiful people everywhere. Has high hopes in humanity.
Flavius ENACHE Communicator
Flavius describes himself as a civic person interested in young people's development, involved in public policies and advocacy. He is studying Journalism at the West University of Timisoara, being the President of the Pro PFC Association and the National PR Director of the Romanian National Students Union. Reading, writing and computing abilities. Personal development and career development skills. Developing interpersonal relationships, negotiation skills and teamwork. Leadership and organizational effectiveness.
Sergiu MUNTEANU Communicator
Passion, Professionalism and Technical Perfection; these are the core elements that creative Munteanu Sergiu aims to instill in any project bearing his name. He is taking pictures since forever, but in 2017 started to take things seriously about his photography game. Regarding his academic background he is a graduate of two universities, first in Trade, Tourism and Services and the second one in Ethnology.
Medeea PIRON Communicator
She firmly believes that embracing honesty stands for one of our gratest challenges. Therefore she learned to choose to invest time, effort, dedication and cultivate passion in activities that infallibly place her out of the comfort zone and to which she can entirely resonate.
Caterina PORTESI Communicator
Caterina Portesi has 4 years of working experience in the field of Social Media & Digital Marketing and Community Management, actually working at Social Media & Community Manager at EngineLab. She also works and volunteers as Project Manager at POPEDU, organising and coordinating international and intercultural exchanges and trainings for young people within the Erasmus+ framework, focused on digital and social media, youth empowerment and social inclusion.
Darius PLEȘA Communicator
Darius is a digital media nomad in searching for the unknown, with some years of experience in photography and filmmaking. He started his journey through youth projects in 2017 and lately started documenting them. He loves being on the plane traveling to meet new people, he believes that embracing cultural differences makes you a better person.
Mădălina VINTILOIU Communicator
Her name is Mădălina Vintiloiu and she is 20 years old. She is a student at European Studies in Bucharest. She loves history, fashion, sport and traveling. She's friendly and people say that she's helpful and kind. One of her greatest passion is social media.

Address: Sergiu Chiriacescu Conference Hall, University Transylvania of Brașov 41A, Iuliu Maniu, Brașov 500091, Romania