Tudor BENGA Speaker Member of Committee for Public Administration Territorial Planning
Tudor Benga is born in Brasov, he is passionate about aviation and travel. He is the founder and president, Okian.ro, the largest online English bookstore, and one of the largest book distributors in Romania. Also, he is co-founder of Frisbo, the first e-fulfillment platform in Romania. He is involved in civic life for more than 6 years, he has written numerous posts about reforming the state and the political class, he took part at the consultations after the Collective, also he was involved in the founding of the Factual, the first fact-checking site on policies and public statements in Romania. He is currently a deputy from Brasov, he is part of The Save Romania Union and also he is member of the Committee for Public Administration Territorial Planning, Chamber of Deputies (Romanian Parliament)
Gabriel BREZOIU Moderator General Manager of GEYC
Gabriel is a Romanian trainer and project manager specialised in the non profit field at national and European levels. He has over 9 years of experience in youth projects focusing on social media, project management and communication. He is a Founding member of GEYC and the initiator of GEYC Resources Center and PRISMA European Network. He has been trained in over 10 European countries on various topics. Back in 2010, he founded GEYC Community - an innovative platform dedicated for young people in Romania, one of the first European initiatives of digital youth work. In 2018, Gabriel was included in Forbes 30 under 30, most successful young people in Romania.
Tamara CEAICOVSCHI Contributor Member of GEYC Community
"Even though my name would get you in a field of music and "Art", I come to tell you the truth: I am a Political Sciences student, which is always looking for opportunities that can crystallize certain skills and capacities" is the way Tamara would introduce herself. Originary from the Republic of Moldova, she is open to discover new cultures and people, being interested in multiculturalism, non formal education, books, politics and traveling. She is a part of GEYC Community for 3 years already and she is a proud promoter of #SupportMoldova programme (geyc.ro/moldova), through which had the chance to take part is several youth / youth worker mobility projects.
Nicușor CIOBANU Contributor TCE Officer, National Agency for Community Programs in the Field of Education and Vocational Training (ANPCDEFP)
"Being part of Erasmus+ team, both digitalization and youth activities are very important issues for me and for my professional activity, considering the fact that the Program itself promotes innovation, nonformal learning and youth involvement. New learning skills, digital prospects and fast development are aspects which should concern us all and which will be part of future Erasmus+ projects for sure. And they will continue to tackle the core of the Program: Changing lives and opening minds. Educational and Professional background: International Relations and European Studies bachelor, 10 years working in communication, 3 years aboard working Romanian National Agency for Erasmus+, former youth programs beneficiary."
Maridea GELASHVILI Speaker & Contributor CISV Georgia and SIQA
Maridea Gelashvili is form Georgia. She is a trainer for 6 years now in non-formal organization EMT-(Education and Managment Team) and SIQA, working for local and international projects ,also she is journalist in the most popular radiostation in Georgia. Her aim in life is to learn more interesting things and help people to make their lives better. She loves music,dancing,reading,travelling and spreading smile.
Velichka IKONOMOVA Rapporteur Alternativi International, youth worker
Velichka Ikonomova is living in the beautiful city of Blagoevgrad in the south-west of Bulgaria. She had graduated with honors a foreign language high school where her passion for languages comes from speaking fluently English and French and she is currently studying German. Although she had a bachelor degree in Public administration, she is involved in the field of non-formal education since 2016. As part of Alternativi International, she is trying to make a positive impact in her local community and raise awareness about various possibilities for education and self-development open for youth. She is a true animal lover and deeply passionate about exploring different cultures and places. She perceive studying as life-long process and she is always eager to learn more.
Diana IONIȚĂ Contributor Project Manager of GEYC
Diana Ionita is a communication specialist with 10+ years of experience in offline and online storytelling, Project Manager at GEYC and intercultural facilitator for Erasmus+ Virtual Exchanges with Soliya. As a youth worker, she also delivers trainings, focusing on topics such as quality, impact, new media, community development and social inclusion.
Georgi KUZMANOV Speaker Founder and vice-chairperson of Alternativi International
Georgi Kuzmanov graduated Master in Law (2015), he is founder and vice-chairperson of Alternativi International since 2010 - on going; project coordinator of 34 projects (Youth exchanges, mobility of youth workers, EVS and KA2 projects). The main aim of all the activities he gets involve is to encourage young people from Bulgaria and abroad to take advantage of the EU opportunities and build up their personal and professional capacity.
Simona LACHE Speaker Prorector of Transilvania University of Brasov
Simona Lache is professor in mechanical engineering at Transilvania University of Brașov. She holds the position of vice-rector for quality evaluation since 2008, being in charge also with the university internationalization since 2012. Professor Lache has an extensive experience with European projects and serves as expert - member in many international bodies (IEP-EUA, ENQA, ENAEE).
Maria Cristiana LUCACI Moderator Vice-President of GEYC's Board of Directors
Maria Cristiana Lucaci, Vice-President of Group of the European Youth for Change - GEYC, has been involved in the youth sector for almost 4 years. Cristiana is the Project Responsible of TURN ONline initiative in Romania and she truly believes in the positive impact digital transformation can bring to individuals and organizations. Since 2018 Cristiana has become one of the Code Week Ambassadors in Romania, movement that aims to bring coding closer to the young generation. As a strategic goal regarding GEYC, Cristiana is eager to support individuals in their growth and development which, she believes, can be obtained through each and every small action we take in this direction.
Violeta MEOTTO Rapporteur Entrepreneur
Violeta Meotto - Born and raised in Patagonia Argentina, from Italian ancestors, since a young age she's been passionate about other cultures and languages. She has also lived in South Africa, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain and travelled extensively. Violeta holds Master degrees in Political Science and Tourism Management and is currently engaging in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Catalonia. She is an Erasmus Mundus Alumni and member of the Association, as well as a Climate KIC Alumni (European Institute of Technology) and enjoy taking part in projects in diverse fields, that range from communications, climate change action, to IT and leadership.
Florin NECHITA Speaker Lecturer at Transilvania University of Brasov
Florin Nechita is PhD Senior lecturer in the department of Sociology and Communication Studies, at Transilvania University of Braşov, Romania. His research and teaching interests are in the area of marketing, advertising and brand management. He is an experienced marketing and trade marketing executive with a broad expertise in FMCG industry, marketing, trade marketing, strategy planning and event management. Other activities: coordinator of Digital Media study program; vice-dean for students; coordinator of the Brasov Communication School – project for extra-curricular training for students; coordinator and initiator of three summer schools on Creative Destinations and Heritage Interpretation (2014, 2016, 2018); teaching mobilities at universities from Italy, Croatia, Spain, Finland, Greece, The Netherlands, France, Japan.
Khuduyev SARKHANBAY Rapporteur Vice-dean, the faculty of Political Administration, The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working both in the government and NGO`s field. Skilled in analytical researches, lecturer of political sciences and PhD student focused in conflict management and international relations. Professional in public administration, dealing with the full spectrum of student affairs including recruitment, admissions, student progress reviews, examinations, academic records and graduation.
Kateryna SHEPELIUK Moderator Youth Line Portugal, Youth Line Latvia, president
Kateryna is an experienced project manager and leader with 10 years of experience in the NGO field and 5 in social enterprise. She organizes different types of events for youth in Europe and Africa. Currently, main focus of her projects is social innovation, wise usage of technology, content creation and e-learning. Kateryna is managing work of several teams of youngsters - she determines their talents and skills, mentors them and inspires.
Gabriela VLAD Speaker Executive Director of the IT and Electronic Services Department at Brasov City Hall
Gabriela Vlad, Executive Director of the IT and Electronic Services Department at Brasov City Hall, Certified Project Manager, master's degree in ""Project Management with International Financing in Local Public Administration."" The main areas of interest include ICT, e-Government (smart / digital cities), project management, business analysis, organizational processes improvement. As an ICT manager, she is actively involved in developing and implementing the IT strategy of Brasov City Hall, aiming at the modernization of the hardware, software, communications and educational infrastructure in Braşov City Hall, paying great attention to the development of the electronic services offered by the local public administration to citizens and business environment (e-administration projects) and implementation of the Smart City strategy by developing modernization projects for public utility services: Technical Dispatch in Brasov - Geospatial Electronic Services: geoportal, Tele-management and optimized public lighting system (street lighting control), Public transport management system (e-ticketing, smart transport) Video monitoring of public spaces, Public safety in schools, Traffic management, Smart parking. She has over 10 years of experience in managing the implementation of European projects.
Mohammed ZAMAN Speaker CEO & Founder of Opportunity International
Mohammed is the CEO and Co-Founder of OpportUNITY. He started off as a fresh eyed volunteer and worked his way up to opening his own NGO. During this time he also graduated with a BA Degree in Community and Youth Work and currently he is leading the training team of the organization. On behalf of OpportUNITY, Mohammed is leading EuroIMPACT Plus Consortium - Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership.

Address: Sergiu Chiriacescu Conference Hall, University Transylvania of Brașov 41A, Iuliu Maniu, Brașov 500091, Romania