Brașov, Romania | 14th of December 2018

About the event

Is the digital world really influencing our life and shaping the way we live?

The European Digital Youth Summit (EDYS) 3rd edition comes into sight to unfold the influence of nowadays digitalized world. Striving to inspire the youth, EDYS 2018 is an one-day event taking place on December 14th, at Transylvania University, in Brașov, Romania. There, a collection of esteemed speakers will discuss relevant topics about today’s tech landscape in order to develop a brighter digital future in our rapidly changing world.
Theme: what is the impact of the European funded projects in the context of a digitalized society.

The event is tailored to deliver through the workshops case studies, expertise and share unique insight into the power by focusing on young people and, furthermore, by presenting how European funded projects can support the development of online and offline communities.

Through the two workshop sessions, the multistakeholder EDYS event will emphasize the impact of European projects on the youth and the new digital technologies that surround them today.

The summit will also act as the closure event of the KA2 - EuroImpact Plus Strategic partnership between the leading partner, OpportUNITY International (UK) - leading partner, Alternativi International (BG), GEYC (RO) and Projuven (ES).

Your role

Your motivation and willingness to participate this year at our 3rd edition of EDYS is very important for us. EDYS participants (A) will have the chance to get involved, ask questions, share ideas and make visible their participation in social media.

If you want to take your participation to the next level, then accept our challenge and choose between the following roles: speaker, moderator, communicator and rapporteur.

  • B. the speakers are experts in their fields that will deliver a speech, a presentation or a case study towards the event’s topic while the
  • C. the moderators are in charge of assuring a participative format in the given timeframe. They will be the main link between the speakers and the audience (online and offline).
  • D. the communicators can be easily recognized: they are social media enthusiasts or perhaps journalists with a smartphone, tablet, camera or laptop close to them. Their role is to maintain the sharing the information, photos and videos of the live event through social media network and ...
  • E. the rapporteurs are responsible for reporting on the proceedings of our event. They will attend one of the event sessions and present the main findings/conclusions in the closing session.

Practical information

  • Location: Sergiu Chiriacescu, Conference Hall, University Transylvania of Brașov. For practical information on how to reach the venue, please check the map at main page and the Facebook event.
  • Official language of the event: English
  • Overall, the participation is free of charge for ALL the selected and confirmed participants.

Travel & accommodation support

IMPORTANT: Travel & accommodation support can be only requested by the confirmed participants for the roles B, C, D, E (see the section above). Due to the very limited funding, we are only able to support 10 foreign participants and 5 local participants.

Accommodation is organized for the nights of 13th and 14th of December in shared rooms (2 people, same gender) in Brașov, Romania (*** conditions).

Besides the activities and meals organized during the public event, we will organize:

  • a welcome dinner (13th of December);
  • a walking tour (to be confirmed, depending on the weather conditions on the 14th of December);
  • a traditional dinner (14th of December).

Travel subvention:

Is calculated from your home location to Brașov, Romania based on the Erasmus+ distance calculator.

Distance band Total travel costs for the agreed itinerary
Up to 60 EUR 60.01 – 100 EUR 100.01 – 200 EUR 200.01 - 275 EUR Over 275 EUR
0-99km 0.00% 0.00%
100-499 km 100.00% 60.00% 20.00% 0.00%
500-1999 km 100.00% 60.00% 20.00%
Over 2000 km 100.00% 80.00%

For example, let's say that Hans travelled from Rotterdam to Brasov (500-1999km) and his travel costs previously agreed with the organizers are 160 EUR. His travel subvention will be calculated as such:

  • for the first 100 EUR, he will get a 100% reimbursement, thus 100EUR;
  • for the next 60 EUR, he will get a 60% reimbursement, thus 36 EUR.

Total, he will get a reimbursement of 136 EUR for his costs of 160 EUR.

In case you will have all the justifying documents, you will be reimbursed in cash at the end of the event.
Otherwise, you need to provide all justifying documents by 20th of December 2018 and you will be reimbursed within 5 working days via bank or Paypal transfer and the transfer fees will be deducted from the amount.

Application deadline: December 3rd, 2018

Steps if you want to be this year EDYS participant:

  • Complete the registration form in time. The sooner, the better. The deadline is on December, the 3rd. For the participants from abroad and for the ones choosing one of the roles B, C, D, E, we will accept applications on a rolling basis.
  • Choose wisely one of the roles
  • Confirm participation after receiving the acceptance notice from us
  • Arrange your travel for the event
  • Keep calm, wait for the event to start and share the news on social media #EDYS18
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